Who can participate

Our primary mission is to provide competitive art and athletic programs for students in Central Georgia who are currently being educated by non-traditional means. Most programs are designed specifically for middle and high school students. Refer to the individual program pages for complete list of offerings.


Student must meet the age and grade requirements for the selected program.

Full time enrolled public school students will not be permitted to participate. Students attending a traditional, five day per week private or public school are not eligible.

The student must not be competing in any competitive arts or athletic programs at any public or private school. Exceptions are rare and will be addressed on an individual basis.

Students must be making satisfactory academic progress and maintain a ‘C’ average or higher in all core subjects. Parent/Guardian must supply transcript, report card, or affidavit.

Certificate of Birth must be presented as requested.

Varsity Players
Grade Level Requirements are as follows:
1. 7th grade (12 years old) and above (except for contact sports)
2. 9th grade and above for contact sports
3. Athletes must not turn 19 before May 1st of the preceding year.

Junior Varsity Players
Grade Level Requirements are as follows:
1. 6th grade and above
2. Must be below the age of 16 by May 1st of the school year

Information displayed above is not all inclusive.