6th - 12th Grade Girls and Boys in non-traditional education

Robotics Season – January thru April 21  Enrollment for 2018 Spring season ends January 22.

GICAA State Competition is April 21, 2018.

Weekly meetings: Jan and Feb probably once per week. On March 10, we receive details for state competition challenge. Frequency of meetings will increase until state competition.

Location and times will be determined as students sign up.

Cost is estimated at $125 per student. Expenses include GICAA league fee of $150, purchase of robotics kits (approx. $500 per team), awards, and team jerseys. Sponsors or donations to purchase kits would be helpful.

Teams are comprised of 2 – 6 students

Middle School and High School Team

Robots may be built from LEGO EV3  (https://education.lego.com/en-us/middle-school/shop/mindstorms-ev3)

In addition to the kit listed above, the following parts may also be used in the construction of the robot:             

● Any non-motorized LEGO part (standard or Technic)

● Any non-motorized VEX IQ part

● Most 3rd party sensors compatible with LEGO or VEX (note - a sensor from an older platform may be used with a newer platform, as long as physical modification to the sensor is not necessary)

State Competition:  The object of the competition is to score as many points as possible during each run of each match using programmed autonomous robots to place the scoring elements on the game board according to the competition rules. There will be multiple ways to score and an objective of the teams will be to determine the best strategy to score points using scoring zones, multipliers and bonus objectives using effective design, engineering and programming of their robot. Scoring methods will vary in complexity and most (if not all) will be designed to be accomplished with the use of a maximum of two sensors and simple programming decisions that can be accomplished with the included software of both the LEGO and VEX platforms.


Donna Sandusky, Robotics Lead Coach, robotics@centralgeorgiaaa.org

Barbara Moore, Fine Arts Director, arts@centralgeorgiaaa.org