Blake Brennan, 9th grade, receives State award at GICAA Arts Festival on May 9, 2017! Third Place in Photography!CGA Student Wins 3rd Place at State Visual Arts Festival

Eleven CGA students entered twenty pieces of art in GICAA Regional Arts Festival.  Five entries won ribbons!

Painting:  2nd Place Hannah Grace Huyck, 4th Place Hannah Copa

Photography: 2nd Place, 3rd Place Blake Brennan, 4th Place Abigail Copa


  • · Photography-media-black & white, sepia, color, digital, etc. (12" x 24" max size)
  • · Painting-media-oil, water, acrylic, etc. (16.5 sq. feet max size)
  • · Sculpture-Three Dimensional-ceramic, clay, metal, paper-Mache, plaster, soap, stone, wood, etc. (max height of 6’ tall including pedestal, no more than 4’ wide)
  • · Drawing-media-pencil, charcoal, pastels, pen & ink (18" x 24" max size)
  • · Mixed Media-a combination of any of the processes above
  • · Linoleum Block Print- Entries may be any form of creative prints including but not limited to block print, monoprint, collagraph, serigraph, intaglio, or lithograph. (24" x 36" max size)
  •   Digital Illustration-compositions rendered directly on the computer, starting with a blank workspace; photos can be used as references, but must not be part of the finished work. (24" x 36" max size)
  • · Graphic Design-art with a commercial purpose, including but not limited to posters, album/CD covers, book jackets, programs, brochures, logos, business cards, advertisements, etc. Copies of existing work will not be accepted. Entry purpose should be indicated on the judge’s evaluation form. (24" x 36" max size) Pieces must be mounted to black or white foam core and trimmed to size.
  • · Expressing Faith Through Art


Absolutely no obscene material of any kind-use of obscene material will cause an automatic disqualification.
No special lighting on exhibit. 
Matt & faux matts are acceptable, no frames.
Every project must be completed during the school year and under the supervision of the Art Teacher/Parent.
A signed letter by the student and teacher/parent certifying the art piece was completed by that student.

Entries must be submitted by April 14. All entries (except sculpture and mixed media) will be uploaded on the Artsonia website.  Submit a photo via email to Barbara Moore at cgaamustangs@gmail.com. Mrs. Moore will upload the photos to  http://www.artsonia.com/ by April 15.  All entries will be displayed at the Regional competition.

GICAA Region Art Festival will be on May 2 at Hood Street Art Center in McDonough. Winners will advance to state. The GICAA will determine numbers based on participation.