Central Georgia Arts and Athletics, Inc. is a non-profit corporation created and managed by parent volunteers. CGA is a Christian faith-based corporation existing to provide arts, literary, athletic, and enrichment programs for middle and high school students in Central Georgia who are being educated by non-traditional means. We strive to support and encourage the families who have chosen to educate their children outside the traditional school setting by providing competitive extracurricular activities to strengthen students physically, spiritually, and intellectually.

Parental Notice: Competitive League Statement

The CGA Mustangs offer competitive athletics. No guarantee of playing time is implied or promised for any player. Coaches have complete discretion as to whom they play and how much playing time a student receives. Playing time is based on numerous factors including player readiness, skill, cooperation, maturity, effort and attendance.  The CGA Code of Conduct requires any issues or concerns be dealt with in a calm, Christ-like manner. The leadership of CGA is committed to the student and will strive to work with parents to produce the best possible outcome.